A Hammock Perspective Of Life

A hammock perspective of life

Have you ever thought how nice it is to lie down on a hammock, feeling the breeze, listening to bird chimp or wave sounds, inhaling a fresh air and you can rest your body and also your tired mind. Sounds appealing, right? This recharging way could help us manage a life. So, what are the important of managing your life?

1) To seek out a relaxed  and comfortable environment. How often aren’t we trying to relax on the couch with the television going on, telephones ringing and other people interrupting? Such a situation will only enforce our idea that we live an uncontrolled, hostile, stressful life.

2) Have “nothing” to do. Well in fact, nobody never has nothing to do.  You need to state on your mind  that you will have to create by first allowing it to arise, and then cultivating it. So simply decide that during the certain period you have nothing has higher priority than to relax. Then you will have a time for yourself. Your “me time”.

So, to get or achieve those things, getting on hammock on Sunday or your day off might brings out all of negativity spiral of stress inside yourself and gives you a chance to “breath”. You can be lazy on your hammock and give your body and your mind a peacefully rest. It can also give you a chance to see that things will keep spinning for what they really are.  For some people who does prayer or meditates might achieve this as part of their practice, but for your case, maybe not. Or even if it is not Sunday or you don’t have a hammock, you can still allow your self to have that “nothing-to-do” time feeling regularly.

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